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Resource Guide

Check out our resource guide! We've got information about everything from playgrounds and museums to food assistance and childcare support. 

2023 Family Resource Guide


Activities and resources to keep your little one engaged. 

Our favorite news articles, events, and resources

Current Resources

The Impact of Parental Burnout - American Psychological Association 
COVID-19 and Kids: How mRNA Vaccines Work - CDC
5 Ways to Prepare your Child for the COVID Vaccine - Michigan Health
The Power of Play - American Academy of Pediatrics 
Screen Time During the Coronavirus Crisis
- Child Mind Institute
Why we need to pay more attention to younger children and their parents
Kids of the COVID generation - Knowable Magazine 
COVIBOOK - Supporting and Reassuring Children 
Talking with Children About Difficult Things in the News
- Fred Rogers Center  
How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids
- Child Mind Institute
Where is My Stimulus Payment? - Like Hacker
Growing Friendships During the COVID Pandemic
by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD
The Year's Best Advice for Raising Kids - The Best of LifeHacker
As the Pandemic Trudges On, What to Say to Our Kids - The Hechinger Report 
The Coming COVID-19 Baby Bust - Brookings 
Helping Kids Cope with Stress - VeryWellMind
50 Kid activities to get you through the winter - What's Up Moms
This or That? How babies picks becomes preferences - NPR One
How to raise race-conscious children - Erin Winkler
The Reckoning: When a pandemic collides with systemic racism - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
How to find a place for kids to play in the pandemic - Greater Good Magazine 
COVID-19 yet another challenge for grandfamilies - MedPage Today
The parental burnout crisis has reached a tipping point - Vox News 

Additional Resources


You'll find current COVID-19 information and specific pandemic information intended for families. 

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Ready for Kindergarten

Do you have rising Kindergartner? You'll find a collection of resources and activities here that will aid their transition from home or preschool to Kindergarten.  

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Agencies Serving Parents & Children

We've assembled a list of agencies and organizations that strive to meet the needs of families. You'll find everything from your local YMCA to information about Early Intervention here. 

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Early Literacy 

Long before your child learns to read, they are developing the skills that will help them cuddle up with a good book. Reading to your child every day is a great start, but did you know that talking, drawing, and singing are great ways to build a life-long reader?  

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Concrete Support

Find information about everything from food pantries to housing assistance here. 

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Looking for childcare? Don't know where to start? We've compiled a list of relevant resources here. 

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Public Schools

Find a list of area public schools here. 

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Just for Parents 

Building social connections and fostering parental resilience are two of the Strengthening Families Protective Factors. Part of being a successful parent is taking time to connect with others and taking time to care for yourself!   

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